Naomi Standen

Professor of Medieval History, University of Birmingham

Principal Investigator

Naomi Standen's research starts from a fascination with the ground-level functioning of borderlands, especially in the Liao (907-1125), and from there expands in both time and space to the Silk Roads and the neighbours of the Liao on all sides. She works with texts and with archaeologists, and has been involved in digital ventures such as the China Biographical Database before joining this project. Publications include Unbounded loyalty: frontier crossings in Liao China (Hawai’i, 2007), Frontiers in question: Eurasian borderlands, 700-1700, edited with D.J. Power (Macmillan, 1999), and the ‘Five Dynasties’ chapter in the Cambridge history of China (2009). She is currently writing a revisionist history of eastern Eurasia between the 7th and the 14th centuries.

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