Markup platform

MARKUS is a markup platform originally developed by Brent Hou Ieong Ho as part of the project Communication and Empire (funded by the European Research Council). it was first designed to automate the markup of different kinds of named entities (personal names, place names, temporal references, and official titles). It has developed into a multi-faceted tool that allows users to access a range of online reference tools while reading texts in classical Chinese, and/or to tag and extract any kind of information of interest to them. In addition to names already present in China Biographical Database and China Historical GIS, users can tag words or expressions by uploading their own lists or by using regular expressions. MARKUS contains a small selection of regular expressions that could be useful, for example, for the analysis of quotations and citations. Users can also design their own regular expressions and tag the results. All markup can be edited while consulting the reference sources integrated in the platform. The final results can be exported for further analysis in a planned visualization platform and in other tools.

MARKUS currently exists in beta. With the funding provided through the NEH-DID scheme, we continue to improve the accuracy of existing modules and we are also adding on additional modules. 


Markus: 1) mark up tool for (classical Chinese) texts; 2) very attractive guy

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